Board Exam 2015 News

Board Exam 2015 News, Mess at Board Exams 2015

Recently, PU Board, Karnataka has decided to give five grace marks for English exam for students who attempted three questions in the II-year PU English-language paper.

These three questions are as follows:
Question No. 1(10): One mark;
Question No. 26: Three marks;
Question No.30: One mark

English paper's answer key that was released had errors, which led to a lot of protests and where the lecturers and teachers even refused to check the answer sheets. The grace marks are given to the students as the punctuations and grammar in the three questions were wrong. After the decision, the teachers resumed to continue the evaluation process.

A lot of errors have been reported in the evaluation process of various Board exams of the Country. In UP Board exams 2015 evaluation, Hindi teachers were found evaluating the Mathematics paper. This is really a tense situation as teachers who don't have knowledge of the subject is evaluating the answers of other exams. It has also been found that some teachers identity cards are pasted with students photographs. In Bihar Board also, the examiners fail to spell words like 'Shakespeare' and 'Mathematics'. Bihar Board students pasted a 100 Rs note with the answer sheets, so that they could pass the exam
It was also found that parents are helping students pass in the exam by crossing the walls of the schools and coming in for their wards help.

This is not good as this shows where our education system is currently heading?

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